No Gutters in CT? Here’s Why You Need Them.

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Despite the best efforts of our Pro Exteriors team, not all homes in CT have gutters. If you recently installed gutters on your home, you know the difference between having gutters and not having them is like night and day.

Why Your House Needs Good Siding

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While your roof does do a lot to protect your home, it’s not doing it all on its own. Your house’s siding does a lot, too. If your siding looks a little rough, it can’t protect your house as well as it should, and it’s time to call a siding company.

Is Roof Snow Removal a Good Idea?

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Every season comes with challenges, especially when it comes to roofing. But winter probably is the trickiest season for roof repair and maintenance. Ice and snow can create a lot of problems for your roof that can lead to further damage.

3 Benefits of Adding Guards to Your Gutters

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Gutter companies and professionals have all kinds of tricks that help them clean, maintain, and repair your gutters. At Pro Exteriors, we want to share as many of those tricks as we can with you, our customers.

Do Your Skylights Need Repairs?

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Skylights are a great way to get more natural light into your home. However, they can pose some challenges when it comes to roofing, especially if they were installed improperly.