Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?


7 Nov 2022

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

It may only be the beginning of November, but all New Englanders know that winter can arrive without warning. And the last thing you want to happen is to be caught unprepared for the first heavy snowfall. It’s important to keep up with home maintenance so that your house is ready for the extreme weather that we can experience in the winter. Keeping up with your roof maintenance is especially important. Whether you prefer to do the work yourself or call in a roofing company, there is some basic roof maintenance you should do to ensure you’re ready for winter weather.   roofing company near me

Trim Your Trees

Many homeowners like to have trees in their yards for privacy or to provide shade in the summer. But if any of those trees are too close to your roof, they can cause problems in the winter. Trim back any branches that overhang the roof. Even if they are not low enough to touch the roof, they can dump extra snow and cause damage.  

Check for Leaks

As snow melts on your roof, the water will trickle down and find its way into any leaks in your roof. That’s not the way you want to find out that you have a leak in your roof. Roof repair is never fun, but it’s worse when there’s snow everywhere. Before the snow starts piling up, check your roof for leaks. If you have access to your attic, look for water damage, as that is an indicator of a leaky roof. The flashing around your chimney and vents is also a likely place to find leaks.  

Clean Your Gutters

If you haven’t already cleaned your gutters this fall, get out there before it’s too late! Clogged gutters can freeze and cause ice dams, which leads to a whole bunch of problems. Your gutters can crack or break and ice can also dislodge shingles. Cleaning your gutters may be a pain, but you’ll thank yourself when you make it through the winter without any ice damage.  

Need a Roofing Company? Call Pro Exteriors!

To get through the winter with no roof damage, you need a great roofing company. In short, you need Pro Exteriors. While you can’t entirely avoid the ice and snow of New England winters, you can ensure your roof can handle it.  

Pro Exteriors isn’t just a roofing company! We do gutters and siding, too. Contact us at (203) 909-8075 to find out more about our services.