How Roofing Contractors Use Drone Imagery


21 Jul 2023

How Roofing Contractors Use Drone Imagery

Roofing contractors have all kinds of tools at their disposal to replace or repair your roof. And while we still use our tried-and-true techniques, we don’t shy away from using technology as it develops. One of the technologies that roofers can use is drone imagery. At Pro Exteriors, we use drone imagery and software called Roofr to take measurements and generate an estimate within minutes. But taking measurements and estimating costs isn’t all we can do with this technology.  

Let’s take a look at how roofing contractors use drone imagery to streamline the roofing process.


Fast and Accurate Measurements

Getting accurate measurements can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but with drone imagery, we can do it almost instantaneously. The drone takes images of your house from above, and then the Roofr software calculates the dimensions and surface area of your roof. Using that information, the software calculates the estimated cost of replacing your roof with various materials. This is an especially useful tool if your roof has any irregular features such as dormers or turrets. It is also safer for the roofers because it reduces the time they have to spend up on the roof. Additionally, customers appreciate getting their estimates quickly.  

New Roof Visual Aid

If you are replacing your roof with a different material—or even the same material in a different color—it can be hard to visualize what it will look like. The drone images of your roof can help you get a better idea of how your new roof will look on your house. You won’t have a perfectly accurate image of your new roof, but manipulating the images can give you a useful visual aid.  

A View of Hidden Damage

Sometimes damage to your roof is hard to see from the ground. With drone images, we get high-resolution images of your roof from above so we can get a good look at all areas of your roof. Roofing contractors then have a clearer picture of the project ahead of them because they can see the trouble spots before they even get up onto your roof to start working.

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