Gutter Cleaning Companies Weigh in on Gutter Guards


21 Jun 2022

Gutter Cleaning Companies Weigh in on Gutter Guards

We’re all interested in things that will make our lives a little bit easier. And that includes anything that will make it easier to clean the gutters. In their search to make chores a little easier, many homeowners have come across gutter guards or screens. These systems are supposed to keep debris out of your gutters, but do they work? Gutters are our specialty at Pro Exteriors, so we thought we’d let you know what gutter cleaning companies think of them.

Here are the pros and cons of gutter guard systems according to gutter cleaning companies.


Pro: They Keep the Leaves Out

Most gutter guards, whether they are mesh or full covers, do a good job of keeping leaves out of your gutters. Because leaves cause the biggest clogs in your gutters, installing gutter guards is an effective way to keep them out of your gutters. Depending on the style, you will still have to clear leaves off the top of the screens.  

Con: Needles and Twigs Still Get In

While most gutter screens keep the leaves out, smaller debris like pine needles and twigs can still get through. To clear those out, you will have to remove the guard or screen. Depending on how it is installed, that can be difficult and can even damage your gutters.  

Pro: Most Are Easy to DIY

Full cover gutter guard systems are expensive and difficult to install properly, but most gutter screens are easy to install yourself. The most important thing is to install them securely but in such a way that does not permanently damage or alter your gutters.  

Con: They Don’t Do Well in Heavy Rain

One of the biggest problems with gutter guards of all descriptions is that they don’t do well in prolonged heavy rain. If they are made of a fine mesh designed to keep small debris out, heavy rain splashes right off and onto your roof and down your siding. This is a big problem because that is exactly what gutters are supposed to prevent. Gutter screens with larger openings can still have the same problem if leaves settle on top of them. gutter cleaning near me

Do Gutter Cleaning Companies Think They’re Worth It?

Overall, do gutter cleaning companies think gutter guards or screens are worth the effort? On the whole, it looks like the potential expenses outweigh the benefit of saving a little time cleaning your gutters. It’s better to just stay on top of cleaning your gutters and call in the pros—like Pro Exteriors!—if you have a major issue.  

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