Gutter Replacement is the Perfect Time for a Touch of Color!


21 May 2022

Gutter Replacement is the Perfect Time for a Touch of Color!

When it comes to the exterior of your home, the siding and roof are often the biggest focus. Sure, they are both dominant features, but the smaller pieces play just as important of a role. Here at Pro Exteriors, we take gutters seriously. Whether your home requires gutter replacement or regular maintenance, given attention to detail, every detail, is what we do best! Here, we’re talking gutters - but not in a way you may expect.   

Instead, our team is focusing on the endless possibilities of turning an often overlooked and ‘small’ element into one of show stopping beauty. Yes, we’re talking about enhancing your home’s gutter system with a bit of color. 


Why go with colored gutters?

The most traditional choice with gutters is white. If the exterior of your home and roof are a darker color, white may provide a nice breakup to the mix. However, most homes are lighter in color - and even roofs. In this instance, having white gutters simply blends in to the overall look and may even wash the overall appearance out a bit.  Likewise, matching your gutters to elements can sometimes create a blended look that homeowners desire. When you have colored trim and darker roofs, opting for white gutters will not accomplish this task. Instead, you have color options to achieve the look!   gutter CT  

Should you match your gutters to the color of your home?

While it may seem like a good idea at first, matching your gutters to your home color may actually be overkill. Instead, when deciding upon the perfect color, think about your trim and roof. By focusing on these elements, your gutters will fit seamlessly into the mix while providing a pop of color enhancement against the overall exterior color. By pop of color we don’t mean a drastic pop. Instead, think of subtle differences between similar colors.    The trim is generally the color that ties together the roof and siding, creating a visual break with a subtle difference. Thus, if you match your gutter color to the trim or the roof, you are keeping things simple, less busy, and visually pleasing.    CT gutter companies  

Gutter Replacement in Connecticut

Now that the wheels are turning about ways to enhance your home, it’s time to consider gutter replacement options with the professionals from Pro Exteriors! We proudly offer a wide range of colors that ensure you achieve the curb appeal of your vision. From classic hues to the trendiest bold colors on the market, we’ll help bring your home to the next level!  

Contact Pro Exteriors today to learn more about gutter replacement options that will have your home become the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way, of course)!